Trident our TMS solution

Focused on maximising your Distribution Process

We have the last two decades helped global cooperation’s understand how to utilise their distribution network in a more efficient way. One focus area has been around increased filling rate, which both lowers cost but also decreases the environmental impact. But an effective distribution process is about so much more, and is highly dependent on numerous aspects. In our TMS platform, our aim has been to incorporate all those aspects to provide companies with a competitive distribution process.

Years working with operative control towers


Enabling Simple and Scalable Growth

Each company has their specific uniqueness, and our belief is that IT should support business, and not the other way around. Flexibility is thus of key essence, and something that we have mastered together with our customers, throughout the years.

We Support High Demand Businesses

Fast moving consumer goods puts high demands on the distribution process. Food, Floral and Beverage industry are all areas that Trident supports.

One Stop Shop

Collaboration is of essence. Each role has different needs, and we have different tools to secure that all roles in the distribution process have transparency, and are able to contribute to real time information collection.
Who are you

Goods Owner or Service Provider

Are you looking for a TMS to strengthen your distribution process, then look no further. We have a broad spectra of functionality that will help you create a simple and scalable growth.

Grow within the same TMS

Step-wise Approach without System Upgrades

To facilitate that different companies have different starting point, we have a step-wise onboarding approach that allows you to grow at your own speed, yet still securing that needed functionality can be implemented when you are ready.

Your Starting Point

To get you started in your maturity journey, you start utilising basic functionality in areas with low control. As you start gaining control, more automatic processes can be implemented.

Add Functionality

Another aspect in maturity growth, is controlling various aspects of the distribution process. By adding more and more functionality, you start to take both vertical and horizontal control. Securing that strategical processes gets more initial focus, than other process areas.

Add More Roles

The degree of collaboration is also connected to maturity. The more control you gain, the more focus can be placed on moving from value-creation to value-constellation, creating a customer centric distribution process and adding more supply chain partners. 

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We help you extend your limits, discover new opportunities in your supply chain that you might have overlooked.