A transport management system- with multi network focus Decrease your cost and
environmental impact
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Intelligent systems- our commitment Automation & Flexibility
lowers your internal cost
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strengthen your business
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focus on your total ecosystem

Take control of your Supply Chain

Trident, our SaaS platform, enables you to control, plan, and execute your transport needs in a smart way, while ensuring that you do not lose focus on your total cost or network efficiency. With the Trident suite you get a complete collaboration platform that shares and captures information in real time from your supply chain partners. Digitising your supply chain in a simple manner. Do you already have a TMS, but feel that there are areas that you need to improve? If yes, check out our stand-alone components that you can integrate towards your existing TMS.
Trident, a single platform for all your needs
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Our offer

A Broad and Flexible
Transport Management System

We are specialists in both Supply Chain and Information Technology, and with our SaaS platform Trident, we have helped Goods owners and Service Providers, maximise their efficiency and continuous growth. Our TMS has a wide range of modules to support your total distribution process.

Complex Network Planning

Orchestrate big and diverse networks with multiple sites, companies or sales channels.

Rating & Billing

Set-up complicated pricing structures for selling and buying side.

Cross Dock Planning

Optimise cost and resource utilisation, by knowing when to use consolidation hubs or when to go directly.

Service & Event Management

Inform, track and rate different types of services or events.

Inventory & Return Planning

Control your inventory and your planned and unplanned return flow.

Capacity Management

Maintain, inform and control various capacities like delivery schedules, order times and gates.
Implementation support

We support you all the way

We guide you to ensure that you get a good base for future growth and capture all business opportunities.

our strategy

To Give You Competitive Advantage


Automation, to reduce manual work and keep your internal cost down

Data driven

Simple master data management and high data transparency, to increase your data quality

Exception handling

Possibilities to capture and resolve exceptions, to alert and enable you to act on exceptions
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Strong integration possibilities, to connect you with all your supply chain partners


Collaboration platform, to enable you to distribute and collect data from all your supply chain partner


Give you a wide set of data, to enable utilisation of that data and predict behaviours
Our speciality

4PL Control Tower -
Heart of what we do

We have vast experience working with 3PL & 4PL providers that need to merge multiple customer networks, into one holistic network. Creating one operative control tower for the whole supply chain. Trident supports both B2B and B2C control towers.
Multi Network Support
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Buy and Sell Support
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