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You already have a TMS, but it doesn't cover your total need

We have a number of modules that you can integrate towards your existing IT-structure. Take a look at the list below and check if there are any modules that you are missing, in order to secure that you have a customer-focused, collaborative or resource efficient distribution process.
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what we offer

Modules that you can Integrate towards your TMS

Instead of replacing your current TMS, you can purchase one or many of our components, to boost and extend your distribution process.

Inventory & Return planning

Delivery Schedule

Delivery App

Collaboration platform

Rating & Billing

Take control of your Handling Material

Do you struggle to know where in the supply chain your handling material is? Well you are not alone. With our Inventory module your struggles come to an end.

By tracking all transport movements you gain control of your inventory and can capture replenishment needs and plan return transports.

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Configure & agree on Delivery schedules

Optimising delivery/slot times in a network, is a key success factor. Done right it enables good filling rate, done wrong it drives up cost and your environmental footprint. It is a time consuming process to get it right, and planning for peak periods can be especially painful.

Configuration of delivery times requires collaboration amongst your supply chain partners. By visualising progress and capturing input, the process goes from a time consuming giant, to a speedy and transparent process.

Capture status and deviations real time

Despite efforts to go towards a paperless society, there is something about documents and deliveries.

With our driver app, you can start to decrease your stack of papers, by publishing and retrieving information real time from the driver. Goods information, destination information and service information is sent out and signatures, deviations, and other statuses captured.

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Distribute and capture information in an
easy way

Transparency in the supply chain is of essence. Yet it might be a challenge to connect everyone in a simple way.

With our Collaboration platform you can provide all your supply chain partners with a tool to access and retrieve various information and documents.

Stop handling
extra cost manually

Control of your financials is utterly important. Yet surprisingly often this can be an unmatured process at many companies, and often extra costs are handle on the side, due to limited system support.

Our Rating and Billing module can handle complex set-ups and can rate distribution, service and event information. Giving you one process to handle.

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extend your limits

Small things matters

Patching a process with excels and manual workarounds, due to missing system support, can sometimes be the only feasible solution forward. Are you in such a situation with your distribution process, reach out to us, we might have the stand-alone module that you are looking for.